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Richard D'Aveni

Creator of term, hypercompetition, arch-strategist

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2015 Ranking: #11


Few thinkers manage to change the vocabulary of their area of study and then influence it for decades. Richard D’Aveni has done just that in the sphere of strategy. His career has roamed as widely as his ever-curious intellect.

The starting point for D’Aveni was the book, Hypercompetition, which established the term in the strategic vocabulary and became a highly influential bestseller.

Since then he has set about reinventing strategy with a focus on using rapid maneuvering rather than defensive barriers.  More Sun-Tzu than Michael Porter, D’Aveni advocates temporary advantages and the constant disruption of rivals.

His books focus on creating new tools, frameworks and maps that help firms and governments define their playing fields and determine their positioning using spheres of influence.  They include Strategic Supremacy and Beating the Commodity Trap.

D’Aveni has gone on to apply his concepts to the very notion of capitalism and what he sees as the hypercompetition which now exists between nations.  These ideas are captured in Strategic Capitalism.

Most recently, in a series of influential articles, D’Aveni has charted the rise of 3-D printing and its likely impact on the world of manufacturing.

A professor of strategy at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, Richard D’Aveni works with Fortune 500 companies as well as governments and some of the world’s wealthiest families.  His classes are notable for the involvement of some of America’s leading CEOs.

Books and Publications

Strategic Supremacy
Beating the Commodity Trap
Strategic Capitalism